DUI And Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The consequences of a drunk-driving charge or other criminal arrest are far different in Utah today than they were in the past. For example, a drinking and driving offense for which a person may have received a warning in the past can now result in a two-day jail sentence, thousands of dollars in fines and a lifetime criminal record. Given consequences like these, it makes sense to discuss your case with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

I am Chad Steur, a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City. No matter what kind of criminal charges you face, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions. I defend people who face criminal charges ranging from driving under the influence (DUI), drug possession and theft to assault, domestic violence, burglary, sex offense and homicide.

Protecting Your Good Name

Due to the increasing use of background checks in our society, the long-term consequences of a criminal arrest can be more serious than the short-term consequences. Long after you have paid your fine or served your jail sentence, a criminal record can prevent you from getting a job, obtaining a professional license, getting into college or even renting an apartment. For this reason, you should never plead guilty to a DUI or other criminal charge before you talk to a lawyer.